Child of Light Review

Chris Michelotti May 4, 2014 2
Child of Light Review

The initial 30 : 

The first thing reader, that you must understand is, I am a sucker for entertainment that can be enjoyed by both children and adults. That is a bias that I can’t destroy. That being said, this game had me not only in the initial 30 minutes, but the initial 30 seconds. The art of this game blew me away and reminded me of the art seen in Disney’s Beauty & the Beast’s intro with the movement and animation I recalled from Henson’s Mirrormask. The words both written and spoken are in rhyme and you are cast into the world of Aurora who wants to be with her father. One of the first lines you see when you are in the dark world trying to escape are, ” Wishes are light left in the darkest night.” This whole game seems to be a wish then, as it is a light in the darkness of an industry that is still finding it’s footing, amidst the plethora of dark and violent games, which I also love.

The Battle system is standard fare for your classic turn based RPG, with the added bonus of manipulating your enemies with light to slow down their attacks as you get more in to help you on your journey. The controls are easy to grasp, and utilizing your firefly friend the same time as moving Aurora is seamless. The engine is the same Ubisoft used for Rayman Legends and if you played that game you can get the basic mechanics pretty fast. I am excited to play more of this game, and will post my final thoughts later.

Desire to finish :: 5/5


Final Thoughts :

What else can I say outside of what the masses have already said? This game is beautiful. As in all good RPGs there is a crafting system where you can craft gems (or Oculi) into better versions of themselves to boost up three aspects of every character in your party. The party is filled with interesting characters. My favorite addition to the party is Rubella, the jester. I have always had a soft spot for clowns and fools, this character is trying to reunite with her brother and the circus.

The only question about the game I had was; why does the battle system not allow a health bar over our enemies? I can see that the monsters show signs of damage as the battle goes on, but I always used the health bar as a tool in my fights for other RPG games. If they decided to not put it there to make the battle more realistic, which is fine, then should the monsters once looking weary also move slower to their next attack?

Reader, you will love this game if you appreciate fairy tales and the classic tropes that go along with them. You will appreciate this game for the art, the playful writing, and fun battle system. If you are a father and you are reading this game, please play this game with your children. There is a beautiful message in the game that describes a father, I don’t even have children and I was touched. I don’t appreciate spoilers, but I can tell you the game is worth the cheap purchase and for $15 you will have a lot of fun. This is one of the best games I have seen Ubisoft release in a while, and I will go out on a limb and say that this game will be one of the best games this year.

Final Review :: 9/10



  1. LaDawn May 4, 2014 at 6:15 PM - Reply

    I appreciate the author keeping the vocabulary at the level of the average gamer. Many opinion writers seem to be trying impress the reader. This writer is informing and educating the reader. I would like to know about any negative aspects of the game when they are eventually discovered. Even the best games have something negative Also, please try not to end a sentence with a preposition. This can be very distracting for many readers. Overall a very well written opinion. I look forward to many other informative articles written by this author.

    • Chris Michelotti May 4, 2014 at 7:14 PM - Reply

      Thank you so much for pointing out the grammatical mistake. I will post my full review in a few days, and I am sure there will be various issues with the game. I will point out my questions, but my overall goal is to find things that I like, as I don’t feel that I have created enough to really speak from a perspective of true wisdom. TL;DR : I don’t feel qualified to point out negatives, but qualified enough to ask questions.

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