NFL – Offensive Observations, Week 4

Scott October 1, 2013 0
NFL – Offensive Observations, Week 4


Yep. We’re that good

1. Peyton Manning – 4 more touchdowns sets the record at 16 over the first 4 games. Oh yeah, he also hasn’t thrown an interception yet. Who knew that funny guy from the commercials could also play football? — Sidenote, why aren’t Peyton and John Fox making a “what does the fox say” video? Concentrating on football isn’t an acceptable answer

2. Reggie Bush – Several running backs had really good days. Adrian Peterson, Arian Foster, Darren Sproles and Jamaal Charles included. Bush, however, help his team win and averaged 7.7 yards per carry against Chicago, so I’m giving him the slight edge here. The Lions look legit and Bush really rounds out their offense well.

3. Tony Gonzalez – While it is understandable that Gonzalez isn’t getting the Mariano Rivera tour-de-retirement, As the season progresses, I hope ESPN at least gives him the same attention they gave Ray Lewis last season. 12 catches for 149 and 2 touchdowns is strikingly impressive for the 17yr veteran but it left the Falcons just shy of unseeding the Patriots.



1. Victor Cruz – Being fantasy relevant in that offense deserves an award. Lets hope that 10 catches for 164 yards and a touchdown returns to normalcy.

2. Le’Veon Bell – Welcome to the National Football League, in London. After being sidelined for the first three weeks, Bell not only started but found the end zone twice this weekend. This is a boon for Pittsburgh, as they didn’t score a rushing touchdown in the previous three weeks.

3. Danny Woodhead – This week, the Chargers remembered they have an effective offense that can score points. Danny Woodhead scored 2 touchdowns on 10 touches this week, further infuriating Ryan Mathews owners. Bush and Sproles continue to be effective, look for the Chargers to try and use Woodhead similarly.



1. Andy Dalton – Cincinnati couldn’t find the end zone this weekend against Cleveland. Cleveland’s defense is fairly legit, but with AJ Green, BJGE, Giovanni and capable tight ends, this offense has no excuse for being entirely ineffective. Dalton is not a franchise QB.

2. Darren McFadden – They’re saying McFadden’s hamstring injury isn’t a long term one. I translate that to mean instead of missing whole games, he’ll just put up 5 for 29 yard for the next month till it gets worse, becoming a long term injury. Sit out for the next week or two please.

3. Ray Rice – Originally, he was expected to miss this week but then Baltimore announced Rice was suiting up. He gets a bit of a pass for coming back early but if you’re only going to carry the ball 5 times for 17 yards was it really worth it?

*Due to their consistently disappointing performances, The New York Giants are no longer eligible for this list. 



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