NFL – Offensive Observations, Week 1

Scott September 10, 2013 1
NFL – Offensive Observations, Week 1


Yep. We’re that good

1. Peyton Manning – Last season it wasn’t till week 10 that the Ravens defense had given up 7 passing touchdowns. Surely Manning and his laser, rocket arm won’t keep this pace but things are looking promising in Denver right now.

2. AJ Green – While AJ wasn’t the top receiver of the week, he was the best of the expected top receivers. AJ Green manages to make Andy Dalton look like Trent Dilfer. Now imagine how Dalton would look without Green…

3. Reggie Bush – He catches, he runs, he scores. Is it too soon to say Bush has found his ideal offense? Bush is icing this year in Detroit and Lions like cake.



1. Anquan Boldin – And the award for best 9th round fantasy pick goes to… the guy on autopick. Anquan Boldin likely wasn’t getting a big rush in drafts last month. In fact, the most common response to him being selected was “really, he’s on San Francisco this year?” Boldin’s 13 grabs for 200+ were definitely him flipping Baltimore “the Raven” for letting him walk this off season.

2. Jared Cook – Julius Thomas is so pissed right now. Cook barely edged out Thomas for TE of the week, pulling down 2 more receptions for an additional 30yds. Both impressed to say the least and if either happen to be available in your league, they won’t be for long.

3. Terrelle Pryor – Sure it was against the Colts’ defense, but in his second career start he out gained Luck in passing yards and was one of only 2 players in the league to rush for 100+ yards. Did I mention he made the Raiders interesting to watch? That has to count for something.



1. David Wilson – I don’t think people were referring to fumble rate when they said they had high expectations for Wilson this season. A few early fumbles kept him on the sideline for most of 2012, lets hope he gets the opportunity to bounce back next week at home against Denver.

2. Calvin Johnson/Dez Bryant/Roddy White – The first two of these highly touted #1 WRs managed to pull down only 4 receptions, and White only had two. Harry Douglas and Jerricho Cotchery managed 4 receptions this week, but I bet they weren’t the top WRs on your roster.

3. CJ Spiller – A shot to the head sent Spiller right back into a timeshare with Fred Jackson. Spiller’s meager 2.4 yards per carry were quite disappointing compared to the 6.0 he put up over the course of 2012. Don’t expect the Carolina front seven to do CJ, EJ or Fred any favors in week 2.




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