Live from Space: 30 Seconds To Mars

Scott March 1, 2013 0
Live from Space: 30 Seconds To Mars

No stranger to the dramatic, Jared Leto is upping the bar, and altitude, on releasing music.

Today at 10:10am EST, the nation can tune in online to watch the SpaceX rocket launch here. On board will be a Dragon cargo capsule containing a variety of science experiments including Up In The Air, the latest single from 30 Seconds to Mars.

Then we wait. 17 days to be precise. Which is kind of bullshit. If it only takes 30 seconds to get to Mars, it shouldn’t take over two weeks to play a song in outer space. Regardless, they’ll debut the new single on Monday, March 18th during a live chat with the International Space Station. The song will be available to purchase Tuesday, the 19th, through a variety of digital outlets.

As of yet, there isn’t a release date for their new album but a single in March generally means an album this summer. Thanks to MTV for all their great info.

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