DVD Review: End of Watch

Shane February 11, 2013 1
DVD Review: End of Watch

DVD Release January 22nd, 2013

Director: David Ayer

Cast: Jake GyllenhaalMichael PeñaAnna KendrickFrank GrilloAmerica Ferrera.

End of Watch is a gritty drama about the lives of two LA police officers who get tangled in the middle of black vs. mexican gang war.  As the movie progresses, the officers see their lives advance both personally and professional.  Unfortunately, their police accomplishments land them in the crosshairs of the mexicans who place a price on their heads.  Both Gyllenhaal and Pena deliver strong performances and the film definitely has the Training Day feel writer/director David Ayer is known for.  This movie is intense and violent, but if you are up to it, end of watch is worth the watch.

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  1. Dan O. February 13, 2013 at 1:28 AM - Reply

    The found-footage format weaves in-and-out and seems a bit dumb for the material, but still doesn’t distract us from the pitch-perfect chemistry of these two guys that are as entertaining and interesting to watch as any other cop in recent cop movies. Great review Shane.

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