Fantasy Football – Players to Watch (Playoff Edition)

Shane December 8, 2012 0
Fantasy Football – Players to Watch (Playoff Edition)

Welcome to the playoffs, hopefully you’ve made it.  If you are on a bye, make use of the week off and get planning for next round.  As a tip, one rule I always have is stick with the guys who got you there, meaning, you are debating between a player who helped you win all season and a new guy that’s hot, pick the safe and sturdy option.  Remember, there is a reason backup players are on the bench.


1. Andrew Luck (IND QB) - Despite another rookie QB getting a little more love, what Luck has done this year is simply spectacular   He has been putting up numbers the last few weeks. I wouldn’t normally tell you to pick a rookie in the playoffs, but especially against Tennessee and Kansas City the next few weeks, Luck is a must start.

2. Josh Gordon (CLE WR) - The rookie wideout had a big game against Oakland and has been progressing well over the season.  I think he has the potential to be a top tier WR.  I expect him to have a couple great games against Kansas City and Washington.

3. Martellus Bennett (NYG TE) - Although I do have Eli in the “fallers” section, I do think Bennett is a sneaky pick as he is finally healthy and getting targets.  He may even be available on your free agency if you need a better option.


1. Eli Manning (NYG QB) - This is usually the time Eli starts getting going, but his last few weeks have been dreadful.  If you have another option, it might be worth rolling with a different quarterback.  

2. Reggie Bush (MIA RB) - I reiterate from my last entry, “Daniel Thomas continues to take over the workload from Bush who has a serious case of the fumbles.” Plus, a battle against San Fran this week doesn’t bode well.

3. Larry Fitzgerald (ARI WR) - Whether Skelton or Lindley, Fitzgerald doesn’t have the talent to get him the ball effectively.  As hard as it may be, you should probably bench your top WR for another option.

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