DVD Review: The Amazing Spider-man

Scott November 14, 2012 2
DVD Review: The Amazing Spider-man
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DVD Release: November 6, 2012

Director: Marc Webb
Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone

I couldn’t have agreed more with the critics who were stating that it was too soon for a Spider-man reboot. The storyline is too well known and the movies are too recent to warrant a retelling. It’s only been five years since the abomination that was Spider-man 3 and ten since Tobey Maguire first hung upside down and kissed a rain soaked Kirsten Dunst in a see thru top. By all regards I believed Columbia Pictures were making a huge mistake.

I saw the movie. I was wrong.

I can’t imagine being more pleased with this film. Going in I had concerns about Garfield, being 28 and raised in England, but his portrayal of Peter (and Spidey) was nothing short of everything I had imagined from childhood. Peter as a fairly normal, yet very awkward teen works so much better than the stereotypical, forced nerd from the previous three films. The interactions between Parker and Gwen (Emma Stone), especially in one particular scene, were perfect. Additionally, the emotion displayed by several characters did a great job of connecting you to them in a way few comic book movies have achieved. Did I mention that the director, Marc Webb, previously directed (500) Days of Summer… probably not, since I just found that out. His ability to capture action is surprisingly strong but the quality of character interactions make more sense.

The differences in storyline arcs, from the last round of Spider-man movies, worked and were welcomed. Peter’s parents made for an interesting and fresh take on the origin story that added to the plot without becoming a main focus. The switch from Mary Jane over to Gwen Stacy also made way for Gwen’s family to play a larger role in the movie and I think it was the right move. Additionally, it gave distance from other films which was vital to rebooting so soon.

Final Thought: Fresh and fantastic. I think the webslinger has slung himself out front of the Avengers for the movie of the summer. With the bat around the corner, we’ll see how long that lasts.



  1. mwedding July 5, 2012 at 3:55 PM - Reply

    I was barely interested until you compared it to Avengers, giving it the bold claim…. I’ll go see it, now.

    • Scott July 6, 2012 at 10:41 AM - Reply

      it’s darker than the avengers.. bit more violent too, probably too much for Coop.

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