2012 Discubed MLB Awards

Ryan October 15, 2012 0
2012 Discubed MLB Awards

Another year of baseball is almost in the books and it is time for us to hand out our awards for the past season. There are six awards Discubed will evaluate this year: AL Cy Young, NL Cy Young, AL MVP, NL MVP, Most Disappointing Team and Most Disappointing Player. Some of these were obvious while others required a lot of debate. With that said, here are the 2012 Discubed MLB Awards.

AL Cy Young – Justin Verlander (Detroit Tigers)

We all know the Tigers offense is one of the best in the AL, if not all of baseball, led by Prince Fielder and Miguel Cabrera. However, Justin Verlander was the reason the Tigers did so well this season. He had over 200 strikeouts in just over 238 innings pitched and had an incredible ERA of 2.64.

NL Cy Young – R.A. Dickey (New York Mets)

The young Mets pitcher had a surprise emergence this year as one of the baseball’s best. Dickey’s 20 wins, 230 strikeouts and impressive 3 shutouts on the year led to this award. His pitching was phenomenal all year and gave the otherwise disappointing Mets a chance to win every time he was on the mound.

AL MVP – Miguel Cabrera (Detroit Tigers)

With all that Mike Trout did this year, we had much debate to give it to him. However, with Miggy being the first Triple Crown winner in over 40 years there was just no way we could not pick him. He was incredible and his clutch performances throughout the year earn him this year’s AL MVP award.

NL MVP – Buster Posey (San Francisco Giants)

Buster Posey was invisible most of the year. He led the league in hitting with a batting average just over .330, had the best on base percentage in the National League and even was in the top 5 for slugging percentage.  On top of all this, he led the Giants in home runs and RBI’s through most of the season. Posey’s great offense and defense was a key part in the success thus far for the Giants.

Most Disappointing Team – Boston Red Sox

This was a no brainer. This team has the talent to be one of the best teams in baseball year in and year out. With the third highest payroll in all of baseball there is no reason this team should have finished almost 30 games below five hundred and ended on an eight game losing streak. The easy way out is to blame Bobby Valentine with his constant comments to the media and speculation of his job all season. He does hold blame for a much of the situation. However, the Boston Red Sox players are just too talented to be playing this bad and they deserve their fair share of accountability.

Most Disappointing Player – Albert Pujols (Anaheim Angels)

It seems like when people are paid big money in sports, they just stop performing up to standard. Chris Johnson is an example in the NFL, but Pujols exemplifies this as well.  After signing his 10 year, $254 million dollar contract almost a year ago, he has been lackluster at best.  Barely hitting above .280 and having 30 home runs to go along with his 105 RBI’s is definitely short of expectations for a guy making 12 million this year, 16 million next year, and then almost 30 million later in his contract.  To be outperformed by Rookie Mike Trout and at times other team members such as Mark Trumbo earlier this season is unacceptable for Pujols.

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