SNL Recap: Maya Hosts, Timberlake Guests

Scott February 20, 2012 0
SNL Recap: Maya Hosts, Timberlake Guests

SNL got a little extra help this week. Coming off an enjoyable episode with Zooey Deschanel, SNL hit stride with first time host Maya Rudolph and a couple of her friends.

From insinuating “relations” with most of the cast, crew, and page program in the opening monologue, to Maya Angelou’s prank show, this was one of the more solid SNL episodes in recent memory. On the short side, while it finally wasn’t a political satire, the cold open on Linsanity didn’t seem that different than the typical go-to political cold opens. Also, the musical guest Sleigh Bells, aka “daddy bought me a band,” may have taken Lana Del Rey’s crown for worst of the season.

While Maya was great to see back on the show, the special guests we’re what made the episode. Though not doing much, Kate Upton and Bill O’Reilly visited for Keenan’s overly musical, What Up With That. Veteran Amy Poehler was featured on Weekend Update and Bronx Beat which also featured Justin Timberlake. The long running Bronx Beat, a Rudolph and Poehler staple, was probably the best it’s been and would have been the standout for the episode had it not been for the Blue Ivy, Jay-Z and Beyonce sketch. Impersonated celebrity baby visitations from Taylor Swift, Brad & Angie, and Bon Iver (played by Justin Timberlake) were fantastic and entertaining.

Overall, Maya and the team delivered an impressive episode, gaining steam that will undoubtedly be ruined by Lindsey Lohan, hosting on March 3rd.

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